Puppy contract

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    Seller: Holy City Bullies

    Date of Birth:

    I. Seller Responsibilities

    Limited Registration: The puppy is being sold with limited AKC registration. (being sold as a pet.)
    Full Rights Registration: AKC Registration papers will be provided upon delivery/pick-up and full payment.

    Arranging Transport: Transport of the puppy shall not commence until the sellers have Been paid the non-refundable deposit of $800.00 (for any pups under $3000) or $1000 (for any pups over $3000) Upon receiving payment, the sellers will make arrangements to meet or to have their Representative meet at a location chosen by both parties. Full payment is due on or before the time of delivery/pick-up. The responsibility of health and well being of the Puppy is transferred to the purchaser and or the transport company at the time of delivery, Including responsibility and risk of exposure to contagious diseases that may result in Veterinarian care and expenses after the puppy has been delivered.
    Vaccinations, Worming and Heart-worm Prevention: The sellers have had the puppy Inspected by a licensed veterinarian. The puppy is up to date on all vaccinations and Worming. The purchaser will receive documentation of all shots, worming and Heart-worm prevention.
    Health Guarantee: The seller guarantees the puppy against fatal and/or life-threatening / altering congenital diseases up to one year of life. Such conditions include severe hip Dysplasia that would require radical corrective surgery, diabetes, kidney, heart and Pancreatic disorders, and pathological spine disorders. The puppy must display and be Diagnosed with such disorders prior to one year of life. Proof of such disorder must be provided to the seller, in writing, from two unassociated licensed veterinarians within 72 hours of the diagnosis. The purchaser also must submit all veterinarian records including Wellness exam documents and vaccination/worming records to the seller at that time. In the event that the puppy is diagnosed with an above-listed disorder and is still living, The purchaser will receive a replacement puppy of the same value within 12 months of the diagnosis. The original puppy shall be transported back to the seller at the seller’s cost, while transport of the new puppy to the purchasers shall be at the purchaser's expense. If the puppy dies prior to one year of age, the purchasers must have a Necropsy performed by a licensed veterinarian to determine the cause of death. If the death is caused by conditions listed above that are covered under this guarantee, the seller will provide the purchaser with a replacement puppy of the same value within 12 months of the Time of death of the original puppy. This health guarantee will not extend to a new owner.

    II. Exclusions to Health Guarantee:

    Negligence or Improper care: Many health issues can be created by improper Care and/or failure to properly vaccinate. Purchaser assumes all responsibility And expense to properly care for and vaccinate the puppy including but not limited to wellness check-ups, vaccinations, worming and flea/tick/heart-worm Prevention. Any health issues caused by improper care are excluded from the Health guarantee and the purchaser assumes all responsibilities and expenses Related to the treatment of these breed-specific issues.
    Environmental Factors: Certain disorders and health issues can be caused by environmental factors including but not limited to immunity levels, mites, Pneumonia, mange, heatstroke, ringworm, conjunctivitis, fleas, ticks, ear infections, allergies, heat-induced heart attack/overheating, ingestion of toxic Plants, matter and materials, fluid aspiration, and thyroid dysfunction are excluded from the health guarantee and the purchaser assumes all responsibilities and Expenses related to the treatment of these issues related to environmental Factors.

    Breed Specific Issues: English or French Bulldogs experience common issues such as Cherry eye, entropion, “loose” hips, infertility, skin and food allergies, elongated Soft palate, patellar luxation, mange, juvenile and adult wrinkle/fold, skin infections, hematoma skin irritations, tail irregularities, cosmetic abnormalities, non-life altering hematoma, vertebra and stenotic snares (small nostrils), prolapsed anus, prolapsed urethra, and overheating/over-excitement leading to heavy breathing or heart attack. These medical conditions are excluded from the above-listed health guarantee And the purchaser assumes all responsibilities and expenses related to the treatment of these breed-specific issues.
    Ability to Breed: If the puppy is being sold with full AKC rights. However, the ability of the puppy to breed in the future is not guaranteed." "5.Overall Health, Happiness and Well-Being: Purchaser is responsible for the Health, happiness, and well-being of the puppy after the puppy is no longer in the seller's possession. All expenses related to (including but not limited to) daily care and feeding, vet wellness visits, proper housing, training, social Interaction, etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser agrees not To house the puppy outside in the elements and understands the longevity and quality of life of the puppy is directly to the care provided.

    Post Purchase Veterinarian Inspection: The purchaser at his/her cost shall Have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery/pick-up. If the purchaser's veterinarian finds health issues, the seller shall Be notified immediately and may request a 2nd opinion, at their cost, to verify the Findings. Failure to have the puppy examined within the 72-hour time frame will result in cancellation of the health guarantee.
    First Right of Rehoming: If at any time the purchaser is not able, interested or Willing to care for the puppy purchasers agree to return the puppy to the seller At the purchaser's expense. If the puppy is in good health, the sellers agree to Pay the purchasers one half of the original purchase price to transfer ownership Back. AKC registration shall also be transferred at the time of full payment.

    III. Additional Terms and Conditions

    Jurisdiction: This agreement is hereby and entered into and Wholly executed in The State of South Carolina, and litigation arising from any possible breach of this Agreement shall be adjudicated in the Berkeley County in the South Carolina Under South Carolina Law. All parties hereby submit themselves to the jurisdiction of said Courts. Should any provision of this Agreement be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

    Scope and Amendments: This Agreement embodies the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and supersedes all other agreements between the Parties in connection with the sale of the puppy described herein. The sellers Shall only be financially liable to the purchasers up to the full amount of the Purchase price of the puppy. This agreement may be amended, in whole or in Part in writing at any time by the consent and signature of all parties hereto Provided that the written document states that the purpose of said document is to Amend this agreement.

    Titles or Captions: Titles or Captions of sections contained in this agreement Are Inserted only as a matter of convenience and for reference and in no way define, limit, extend or describe the scope of this agreement or the intent of any provision thereof.
    Non-assignable: This agreement is non-assignable without the express written consent of the sellers and purchasers."

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