Health Guarantee

At Holy City Bulldogs, we guarantee supreme health of all puppies, studs, and dams. In the event that a puppy’s health is not up to par, our heath guarantee secures a replacement puppy with the proper veterinarian diagnosis.

Health Guarantee: The seller guarantees the puppy against fatal and/or life-threatening/altering congenital diseases up to one year of life. Such conditions include severe hip dysplasia that would require radical corrective surgery, diabetes, kidney, heart, and pancreatic disorders, and pathological spine disorders.

The puppy must display and be diagnosed with such disorders prior to the completion of one year of life. Proof of such disorder must be provided to the seller, in writing, from two unassociated licensed veterinarians within 72 hours of the diagnosis.

The buyer also must submit all veterinarian records, including wellness exam documents and vaccination/worming records, to the seller at the time of diagnosis. If the puppy is diagnosed with an above-listed disorder and is still living, the purchaser will receive a replacement puppy of the same value within 12 months of the original diagnosis.

The original puppy shall be transported back to the seller at the seller’s cost, while transport of the new puppy to the buyer shall be at the buyer’s expense. If the puppy dies prior to one year of age, the purchasers must have a necropsy performed by a licensed veterinarian to determine the cause of death. A full report of said necropsy must be provided, in writing, to the seller.

If the death is caused by conditions listed above that are covered under this guarantee, the seller will provide the buyer with a replacement puppy of the same value within 12 months of time of death of the original puppy.

This health guarantee, along with all articles and provisions in this agreement, will not extend to a new owner if the puppy is transferred.