Stud contract

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    Today's date:

    This contract is executed between Holy City Bullies, herein called stud provider(s) and Owner's Name filled in below, herein called purchaser(s).

    Stud Choice:

    Breeding Date:

    The stud service provider and purchaser enter into and agree to the terms and conditions as set forth by this contract. No guarantees of any type are offered or implied by this contract unless specifically stated in writing by this contract.

    The stud provider agrees to sell semen for the breeding solely between Holy City Bullies stud of choice named below and purchaser’s female, named below.

    This semen is being collected and artificially inseminated into said female for the cost stipulated below for the sole purpose of a single breeding. Half to be paid before breeding and the other half to be collected no later than 40 days after breeding (date below), upon confirmation via sonogram.

    Stud service provider is guaranteed as long as pregnancy is successful and at least 2 live births are born. Should pregnancy not take place there will be 1 repeat breeding with all the terms to repeat. All expenses of this breeding are at the expense of the purchaser. Breeding must take place at said females’ current cycle. If only one puppy is born, we will co-own the dog until the repeat litter is done.

    Seller and Buyer hereby agree that any disputes which may arise as a result of this agreement sale purchase shall be resolved pursuant to the rules and procedures of the American Arbitration Association. The location of any such arbitration or legal proceeding shall be in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Any and all court cost/fees will be at the expense of the purchaser. This contract was agreed to in the Berkeley County, South Carolina.